Tips for Coaching Youth Soccer – Building Teamwork

Youth Soccer pic While technical skills are important fundamentals for all young soccer players to learn, teamwork plays an equally crucial role in a team’s success. Beyond individual ability, good soccer players should be able to work in harmony with their entire squad. Youth soccer coaches can employ a number of strategies to help their players develop good teamwork skills, including incorporating team-oriented play into each practice.

Instead of simply focusing on drills, coaches should set up team scrimmages and positional plays to help players learn to interact with their teammates in a variety of situations. Players should learn where and how to play each position, as well as how each position contributes to the team as a whole. In this vein, it is important to ensure that all players attend every practice session and fully participate in training activities. Only through practice can players become familiar with their teammates and learn how to effectively react to one another.

Moreover, outside team activities can greatly support team unity, translating to improved teamwork on the field. Outings such as hiking, paintball, or laser tag are all fun possibilities that can help young players bond with one another and develop a true team mentality.

Denver’s Table Food Rescue at Food Bank of the Rockies

Denver’s Table Food Rescue pic Food Bank of the Rockies works throughout Colorado’s Front Range to end hunger, especially among children and elderly individuals. The organization maintains a number of programs, including Denver’s Table Food Rescue, which collects more than 5 million pounds of surplus food each year. This food, which would otherwise go to waste, equates to more than 4 million meals.

Denver’s Table sends refrigerated trucks to a range of retail establishments, such as restaurants and grocers, each weekday to collect surplus food that has been safely stored. Only food not previously served can be donated. The donations typically consist of high-quality raw products and prepared meals that the retailer does not need. Collected food goes not only to Food Bank of the Rockies, but also to other local hunger relief organizations.

When transporting food, the organization takes all necessary precautions to avoid spoilage. Food donors are protected from liability under federal and state Good Samaritan laws and may use donations as a charitable deduction on taxes. Local businesses interested in participating can contact Food Bank of the Rockies for more information.

MusclePharm and Launch Hardcore Series Supplements

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Supplements pic Striving to provide safe, science-based supplements for a wide range of fitness and nutritional goals, MusclePharm offers a vast array of products, including protein powders, weight-loss supplements, vitamins, and workout recovery solutions. On March 17, 2015, the leading sports nutrition company announced that it would partner with top online fitness resource and retailer to offer a new line of fitness supplements. Free of proprietary blends and offered exclusively through, the MusclePharm Hardcore Series includes products for all stages of one’s workout. Designed for the most dedicated lifters, the physician-formulated products contain full ingredient dosages and offer complete label transparency.

Wreckage, the Hardcore Series pre-workout supplement, contains six grams of citrulline malate, four grams of L-leucine, and three grams of D-aspartic acid, all aimed at facilitating an enhanced workout. Developed for post-workout consumption, Gainz spurs muscle recovery and development, combining full doses of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and creatine HCL. Whey Diesel, the Hardcore Series protein powder, balances 15 grams of whey isolate, 10 grams of whey concentrate, and five grams of glutamine to assist with muscle recovery, encourage increased muscle mass, and improve strength and performance.

The UCHealth Pink Life Saver Mobile Mammography Unit

The UCHealth Pink Life Saver Mobile Mammography Unit pic To make mammography as accessible as possible to women throughout the greater Denver area, University of Colorado Health has invested in a mobile mammography unit known as the Pink Life Saver. While the bus has a regular rotation, it also occasionally makes special stops at various neighborhood locations. Individuals can even request stops at their workplace. The schedule is accessible on the UCHealth website ( or by calling (720) 848-1604.

The Pink Life Saver brings to patients state-of-the-art digital imaging technology with high levels of diagnostic accuracy, as well as a dedicated team of skilled and compassionate professionals. The bus has three-dimensional mammogram technology, which detects invasive breast cancer 40 percent sooner than traditional methods. In addition, this technology results in fewer false positives.

The Pink Life Saver was made possible by funding from Men for the Cure, Summit Bodyworks, and King Soopers.

DAV Brings Service Claims Assistance to Veterans

Disabled American Veterans pic The charity Disabled American Veterans (DAV) significantly upped its efforts to deliver claim services to veterans in 2014 by sending mobile units carrying claim representatives to more than 800 locations, including rural areas and college campuses. “This effort to help American veterans receive the benefits and services they need following their military service is the right thing at the right time,” Jim Marszalek, DAV national service director, said in a press statement.

DAV national service officers, who are also disabled veterans, traveled to more than 800 cities and 100 colleges in 2014, where they met with veterans and their families, helped them fill out claims for benefits, and provided education and counseling about claims. DAV does not charge veterans or their families for the services, and it does not require veterans to be DAV members to receive assistance. DAV’s mobile units helped more than 20,000 veterans and family members in 2014, and the units have added even more stops to their schedule for 2015.