Scott Gelbard on Men For The Cure

By: Scott Gelbard

As part of my charitable initiatives, I support Men for the Cure. This organization provides an opportunity for men in my community to come together and advocate for the early detection of breast cancer. Established in 2000 after one of our members’ wives, Diane O’Connor Thompson, lost her battle with the disease, Men for the Cure organized a Gentlemen’s Dinner that year to raise money for the cause. This first formal event was put together to remember the many wives, friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, and colleagues who had lost their lives to breast cancer. Men for the Cure charged admission for the Gentleman’s Dinner and donated the proceeds to patient care and research at the University of Colorado Hospital, which later named a division the Diane O’Connor Thompson Breast Center.

A nonprofit organization that aims to give back to women in the community of Denver, Colorado, and the surrounding areas, Men for the Cure regularly hosts fundraising events. In 2010, the association put on a golf tournament that achieved resounding success. Over the past 10 years, Men for the Cure has gained a following of passionate event attendees and sponsors who are dedicated to finding a cure for breast cancer. These community members either involve themselves with Men for the Cure as supporters of the cause, or as contributors who help with the costs and resources involved with hosting a formal nonprofit fundraiser. Men for the Cure events usually feature guest speakers, and the list of past honorees include Mike Shanahan, Rod Smith, Rick Reilly, and Goose Gossage.

I am proud to affiliate myself with Men for the Cure, as we are one of the only gentlemen-run organizations that raises money solely for breast cancer research and patient care. For more information about this nonprofit association, visit the Men for the Cure website at