Scott Gelbard and the Innovations of BTO Self Serve Yogurt

With extensive entrepreneurial experience, Scott Gelbard leads a Denver-based international business consultancy. Gelbard has also been involved in funding and managing the day-to-day aspects of a number of start-up ventures, including Terra Firma, Inc., Rhino Roll-off, and BTO Self Serve Yogurt.

Located in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, BTO has pioneered a unique frozen yogurt concept that showcases 16 premium flavors and includes low-fat, non-fat, and dairy-free options. Current creations at BTO include cake batter, Nutella, hazelnut coffee, red velvet, banana nut bread, and pumpkin pie.

Self-service is foundational to the BTO model. Customers entering the BTO store simply select a cup and pick their flavors themselves. Should they notice a flavor that they have not yet experienced, they are encouraged to pick out a small cup and try a sample. The “cool twist” self-serve option features a middle handle between two single-flavor handles, and enables complementary flavors to be combined.

Toppings are also a distinguishing feature of the BTO experience, with more than 50 possibilities to choose from. Available add-ons include nuts, syrups, gummy bears, and fresh fruits. At the end of the line, customers simply “weigh and pay” by the ounce, grab a spoon, and enjoy.