Scott Gelbard: The Terra Ferma Difference

Entrepreneur and consultant Scott Gelbard remains actively involved with the management of Terra Ferma, a leader in the portable communications industry. The engineers at Terra Ferma are continually redefining the industry with their breakthrough technologies. The company’s systems use off-grid and sustainable energy sources, including wind, solar, hydrogen fuel cell, and generator power, for reliable operations. The combined use of satellite and cellular bandwidth allows for connections around the world.

In addition, Terra Ferma products are compatible with one another, which means that customers can create systems to match their individual needs. Customers can also opt for modules that allow for radio interoperability, video teleconferencing, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) interfaces.

Furthermore, the engineers have designed each system for optimal transportability. Terra Ferma communications systems fit into 30-pound backpacks or airline-checkable suitcases that do not exceed 70 pounds. The system designs allow for quick setup and takedown, making them among the most efficient products on the market today.

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