Terra Ferma’s Communications Products

Investor and business consultant Scott F. Gelbard has more than a decade of experience helping companies make deals and drive profits through implementing best practices. Today, Scott Gelbard helps manage several businesses, including technology company Terra Ferma.

Terra Ferma’s products have been painstakingly designed to create one-stop power and communications solutions. The company’s systems use off-grid power sources like solar cells, diesel and gasoline generators, and wind turbines to provide reliable operations 24 hours a day anywhere in the world. The systems are inter-compatible, allowing customers to mix and match between them as necessary, and they are designed for easy setup and transport.

The company offers three main product lines. Its backpack-based Bamboo Series provides maximum mobility and can serve an individual or a team of five users or fewer. Its Aspen Series comes in a suitcase that can be checked on an airline and provides data, voice, and optional video and radio connectivity in remote locations. And its Oak Series can be transported by air or small shipping container and offers secure communications for remote management of permanent and semi-permanent installations.