Scott Gelbard on Terra Ferma’s Unique Communications Products

Terra FermaA respected Denver business consultant, Scott Gelbard has been involved with a number of entrepreneurial start-ups in investment and strategic management capacities. Among the companies he has assisted from the ground up are MusclePharm Apparel, BTO Self Serve Yogurt, and Terra Firma, Inc. Scott Gelbard is currently involved with the latter enterprise as an investor and a day-to-day management specialist.

Combining innovative hardware and software into durable modular packages, Terra Firma provides vital on-the-ground communications and connectivity capacities for emergency situations. Core product lines include the lightweight, portable Bamboo Series and the self-sustaining Aspen Series, which is designed for use by small teams with data-intensive and high-definition output requirements.

The satellite dish-enabled Mahogany Series comfortably supports the interconnectivity needs of groups of as many as 40, while the transportable Oak series power station is designed for semi-permanent installation and accommodates heavy-duty remote applications for groups of 100. A key feature engineered into this top-of-the-line product is a charging system integrating wind and solar power and tied to substantial battery storage capacities. This critical feature ensures operation 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in even the most challenging environments, including those with minimal sunlight.