Soccer Tips for Beginners: Shooting

A successful entrepreneur and investor, Scott F. Gelbard enjoys playing soccer and coaching youth soccer in his leisure time. Throughout his coaching career, Scott Gelbard has helped many young soccer players learn valuable skills, including shooting. Shooting is critically important to a player’s game, but it is less straightforward a skill than people might imagine.

One key to proper shooting is to focus more on placement than strength. All too often, beginning soccer players will try to kick the ball as hard as they can when shooting, which often results in a ball going wide of the goal. Concentrate on placing the ball in one of the corners, away from the goalkeeper, even if it requires removing some speed from the shot.

Another important guideline is to keep the ball low. As any goalkeeper will tell you, saving a shot at hip level is much easier than one on the ground. Furthermore, keeping your shots low will decrease the risk of shooting the ball over the crossbar.

Players who keep these two essentials in mind will find their shots less frequently blocked. Of course, success in soccer isn’t only dependent on shooting, but it may be one of the toughest aspects to get right.