Scott F. Gelbard’s Soccer Drills: How to Improve Dribbling Skills

A dedicated soccer coach, Scott Gelbard helps younger players develop basic skills. Dribbling is one of the most difficult skills for amateurs to master, yet it is essential to the game. Mr. Gelbard recommends that coaches use the following drill with their players.

First, use cones or other markers to create one large and one smaller circle. Each player should have his or her own ball and stay within the smaller circle while dribbling at a reasonable speed, keeping out of the way of other players.

After a while, the coach gives a verbal signal for the players to stop their ball and leave it still. Players then run to a marker on the outer circle before returning to the inner circle and taking up a new ball.

To add a degree of competition once players have become accustomed to the drill, the coach can take away one of the balls. The player who does not retrieve a ball after the verbal signal takes laps around the larger circle until the next signal. This drill introduces a fun element to the process of learning how to dribble effectively and keeps players moving to build endurance.