Terra Ferma’s Bamboo Series

Denver-based entrepreneur and consultant Scott Gelbard advises several multinational corporations on ways to maximize profitability. Among the companies that benefit from Scott F. Gelbard’s guidance is the defense firm Terra Ferma, Inc.

Terra Ferma creates self-powered, easily transportable communications systems. Its products allow customers to maintain data, voice, and video communications even in off-grid and isolated environments.

The company calls its most mobile product series Bamboo. Bamboo Series units are lightweight and able to be carried in backpacks. Designed to support up to five users, they can effectively provide communications to small teams involved in disaster response, special forces military operations, oil and gas exploration projects, and adventure expeditions.

Bamboo Series systems work in almost any kind of weather and offer a one-quarter-square-mile coverage area around the base unit. When the base unit is set up, users have access to the Internet as well as communications technologies like Push to Talk and Radio over IP. Users in need of more robust communications can upgrade the Bamboo Series to include features ranging from teleconferencing and wider wireless connectivity to encryption services.