Scott Gelbard and MusclePharm Apparel

Since entering business in 1999, consultant Scott Gelbard has helped a variety of companies build deals and move their businesses forward. One such company is MusclePharm Apparel, where Scott Gelbard current holds the position of principal.

Founded by professional football player Bradley Pyatt, MusclePharm focuses on meeting the needs of athletes and the athletic lifestyle. On the apparel side of the business, this mission takes more than one form. To serve traveling athletes and those who participate in equipment-heavy sports, the company makes a useful duffel bag. Additionally, MusclePharm’s Performance Rashguard shirt uses high-tech fabric to help keep an athlete’s body dry and at an optimal temperature while he or she works out. And for athletes who train outside after the weather gets cold, MusclePharm makes a flagship beanie to keep heads warm.

In addition to its performance-enhancing items, MusclePharm offers a variety of lifestyle clothing. Its flat-brim and Flexfit hats let athletes display their brand pride, as do its “Get Swole Live Swole” and “Weak Ends Here” t-shirts. To view the full line of MusclePharm Apparel products, visit the company online at