The Clothing Development Process at MusclePharm Apparel

Scott F. Gelbard supports a number of businesses by providing insight on quotidian operations and general strategy. When working with these companies, Scott Gelbard draws on significant experience as a successful entrepreneur and investment consultant. One of the companies that Scott Gelbard assists is MusclePharm Apparel, which creates unique clothing lines for athletes. The MusclePharm executive staff is composed of individuals who follow the lifestyles of their customers and design products to meet the demands of their own high-paced lives. This staff includes a former professional football player, a leading sports nutrition doctor, and an international fitness icon.

After envisioning a needed product, the team begins a scientific inquiry into the best processes for realizing the product. MusclePharm subsequently conducts clinical studies to ensure that the product meets the company’s high standards before testing the new offering with actual athletes and ensuring that it complies with necessary safety protocols. The team also regularly consults with third-party scientific professionals who look at everything from raw materials to product packaging before certifying the product to enter the market. This process ensures that only the best MusclePharm products reach the consumer.