What to Consider When Looking for a New Gym

A noted business professional and entrepreneur, Scott F. Gelbard founded prominent Denver venture capital firm Apis Ventures. He now consults for businesses in Hong Kong and Europe as well as maintains an interest in several firms in the United States. Outside of work, Scott Gelbard strives to keep active by engaging in a variety of different athletic activities, from skiing to playing soccer. In addition, he regularly works out at the gym.

When looking for a new gym, individuals should take a number of factors into consideration. Perhaps the most important of these from a practical perspective are membership cost and location. Other critical points, however, include the hours of operation and the friendliness of the staff. The gym’s members play a role too; if individuals simply want a place for aerobic exercise, a gym full of bodybuilders may not be the best choice. Cleanliness and availability of equipment should also play a part in the decision.

An often-overlooked aspect of gym quality is the number and variety of classes that the gym offers. For example, are you looking for yoga classes? Check to see if the gym offers yoga at all, if it provides different types of yoga, and whether the classes meet your scheduling needs. Examine the space and available equipment for classes just as you would for the rest of the gym. And be sure to ask about the training and experience of class instructors.