How Coaches Can Generate Player Confidence

Most coaches have seen firsthand how player confidence can drastically improve performance during competitions. For this reason, coaches must make confidence-building a major component of their coaching style. To build confidence, coaches should consider several factors. First, success leads to confidence. While not all teams will prove successful when playing against others, coaches can foster feelings of success during practices with progressive drills and conditioning. When the drills and conditioning sessions gradually get more difficult and the players continue to perform well, they begin to feel successful and confident in improving their skills.

Confidence also comes from personal attention. Many coaches understand the importance of providing positive feedback. Telling a player that he or she performed very well on a given day can dramatically boost self-esteem, and telling him or her exactly why he or she performed well boosts confidence even more. When coaches highlight individual successes, they make players feel like they have a personal investment in their performances. This success can also motivate other players to perform better and increase their confidence when they perform at the level of a teammate who was just praised.