How to Get the Most from Your Time at the Gym

Gym Time pic Going to the gym remains one of the best ways to increase your fitness and strength. With regular visits, you can build your endurance and power while shedding pounds. However, if you are one of those people who goes to the gym on a regular basis for months and yet sees few results, you might be falling into one of several common traps.

Some people look at the gym as a time to be social and may spend more time talking than actually working out. In addition, when you do use the equipment, you may not be exercising with the proper intensity. Over time, you should increase the intensity of a workout to keep the body challenged. Greater intensity comes from longer distances, greater weights, less recovery time, and other techniques that can ramp up your workout. You might even want to consider using weighted vests or ankle weights for an added challenge. You need to develop and change your program over time.

Too often, people trust the machines about the number of calories they have burned. These machines use algorithms based on averages and can overestimate caloric expenditure by as much as 100 percent. You may also try to stay in the “fat-burning” zone, which is not a very high-intensity level of training. Research has shown that more intense workouts result in more calories burned both at the gym and after leaving.