Construction Applications for Terra Ferma Products

Terra Ferma A leading provider of mobile communication and surveillance systems, Terra Ferma offers a broad range of products and services designed to help businesses streamline their activities. In the construction sector, Terra Ferma helps companies to address problems such as equipment theft and vandalism, which routinely cause more than $1 billion in losses every year. Faced with portability issues surrounding infrastructure establishment, construction companies often spend large sums of money on lighting and surveillance equipment.

The mobile surveillance and communications systems at Terra Ferma help construction organizations to overcome challenges in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The Aspen and Oak series of products enable maintenance engineers and managers to keep an eye on remote systems from their operations desks. Perhaps most importantly, Terra Ferma systems are highly mobile and portable, which means that construction enterprises can uninstall the entire unit and use it on the next job site. Furthermore, certain Terra Ferma systems feature reliable solar- and wind-powered systems, which greatly facilitate construction in remote locations.