Ideal Uses for the Terra Ferma Bamboo Series Communication System

Terra Ferma pic An experienced businessman, Scott F. Gelbard remains actively involved with multiple companies and consults with them on maximizing profitability. One of the companies that Scott Gelbard assists is Terra Ferma, which produces mobile communication systems for various civilian and military purposes.

Terra Ferma presently offers three series of products, each of which is designed for use in distinct settings while remaining adaptable for virtually every situation. The Bamboo Series remains a popular choice for public safety officials, military personnel, and business professionals.

Many First Responder teams choose the Bamboo Series to maintain communications when arriving on the scene of a disaster. Reliable communications improves their ability to provide necessary assistance while maximizing safety. Adaptable in any country, the system can be either integrated within an existing infrastructure or used on a stand-alone basis. U.S. Special Forces teams also rely on the system for at least some of their missions, from recovery to scouting. Additionally, oil and gas exploration companies have implemented the Bamboo Series to keep lines of communication open among employees in the field.