How Terra Ferma Can Help Oil and Gas Companies

Terra Ferma pic Over the last few years, Scott Gelbard has become increasingly involved in consulting with multinational and international corporations. Scott F. Gelbard also helps several smaller businesses based in the United States, including Terra Ferma.

Terra Ferma’s portable, self-reliant communications systems can be used effectively in a range of situations, including many faced during oil and gas production. The sites at which oil and gas production takes place often lie far from regular infrastructure and traditional communications arrays. They still require the capability to transmit and receive video and data, however, so that the organizations running them can track production and prevent theft.

Building land-based communications infrastructure for far-flung projects would be uneconomical for most gas and drill sites. Terra Ferma can instead provide turnkey communications suites that offer their own power generation and secure connectivity for voice, video, and data. The company can also handle the operation of security cameras and lighting, allowing oil and gas producers to monitor remote sites securely and effectively.