Terra Ferma in Oil and Mining

Terra Ferma in Oil and Mining pic Terra Ferma provides a number of solutions to clients in the oil, gas, and mining industries, offering self-contained and self-powered products that handle communications, lighting, security, and more. Oil and mining operations often end up in remote locations without traditional communications infrastructure. In order to keep sites productive, the people running those sites need to find ways to keep in touch with them.

In mining, Terra Ferma often provides key communications infrastructure. Its Oak and Bamboo Series of products can handle up to 50 users, offering a way for miners at remote sites to stay in touch with headquarters and the outside world. In areas that have little or no telecommunications infrastructure, Terra Ferma provides voice and video service as well as data connections and Internet access. Its systems can also deliver lighting and monitoring.

Oil projects face many of the same challenges as mine sites. Drilling operations can use the Oak Series to maintain monitoring and communications without building expensive land-based infrastructure, while exploration projects can use the smaller Bamboo Series to support teams of up to five people while they are mobile in the field.