About Scott Gelbard

An entrepreneur, financial services executive, and management consultant with more than a decade of experience in his field, Scott Gelbard prepared for his career as an undergraduate at Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida. After one year at that institution, Scott Gelbard transferred to Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he focused his academic interests to consumer science, business, and finance. During this time, Scott Gelbard gained real-world experience through entry-level positions at a Colorado-based investor relations firm.

Upon receipt of his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Colorado State University in May 1999, Scott Gelbard embarked upon a career in finance and investment banking, commencing with the launch of Regency Financial. From 1999 through 2002, he provided stewardship for Regency Financial, establishing several business partnerships and investments in the process. At the end of this period, Gelbard further diversified his interests to co-create the Regency Group, through which he focused primarily on Investor Relations and venture capital.

In October 2008, Scott Gelbard co-founded Beckham Walker Equity Partners, which combined his professional acumen and interests. At the firm, he invested in and provided management restructuring for a range of private and public companies in several areas of technology: biological, green, and high. He also worked with mining companies.

Scott Gelbard focused his energies on independent consulting for international clients. Working closely with European and Hong Kong-based clients, Gelbard advises on attracting U.S. companies abroad and establishing foreign-based businesses in the United States. He has also funded several new businesses and assists in running their daily operations.

Among Gelbard’s most successful ventures is GlobalLeadGen, a company that generates growth for client firms by providing high quality leads through successful lead generation programs. For more information on GlobalLeadGen, including a list of the industries it serves, please visit www.globalleadgen.com.


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