MusclePharm and Launch Hardcore Series Supplements

MusclePharm Hardcore Series Supplements pic Striving to provide safe, science-based supplements for a wide range of fitness and nutritional goals, MusclePharm offers a vast array of products, including protein powders, weight-loss supplements, vitamins, and workout recovery solutions. On March 17, 2015, the leading sports nutrition company announced that it would partner with top online fitness resource and retailer to offer a new line of fitness supplements. Free of proprietary blends and offered exclusively through, the MusclePharm Hardcore Series includes products for all stages of one’s workout. Designed for the most dedicated lifters, the physician-formulated products contain full ingredient dosages and offer complete label transparency.

Wreckage, the Hardcore Series pre-workout supplement, contains six grams of citrulline malate, four grams of L-leucine, and three grams of D-aspartic acid, all aimed at facilitating an enhanced workout. Developed for post-workout consumption, Gainz spurs muscle recovery and development, combining full doses of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), CarnoSyn beta-alanine, and creatine HCL. Whey Diesel, the Hardcore Series protein powder, balances 15 grams of whey isolate, 10 grams of whey concentrate, and five grams of glutamine to assist with muscle recovery, encourage increased muscle mass, and improve strength and performance.


Benefits of CrossFit Proven by Scientific Study

CrossFit pic Alongside his duties as an international business consultant, Scott F. Gelbard contributes to the management and operation of several different companies. The companies that Scott Gelbard supports range from frozen yogurt eateries to portable telecommunications manufacturers. In addition, Scott Gelbard remains involved with a CrossFit gym located in Lone Tree, Colorado. In recent years, CrossFit has received a great deal of attention from individuals looking for new fitness regimes. At present, more than 10 million people consider themselves a part of the CrossFit movement. This explosion in popularity prompted the American Council on Exercise to commission a study that examined the effectiveness of the workout.

The study, led by researchers from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, involved 16 healthy volunteers who already considered themselves fit. Researchers tracked the calories burned by each volunteer over the course of two popular CrossFit Workouts, Donkey Kong and Fran. The results found that all participants maintained an elevated heart rate throughout the workout to the extent of improving cardiovascular endurance. Men burned almost 21 calories a minute, while women burned slightly over 12. Thus, CrossFit provably allows individuals to complete an impactful workout in a relatively short period of time through high-intensity training.

Crunchies Food – A Commitment to Healthy Food without GMOs

Crunchies Food logo pic “GMO” stands for “genetically modified organism,” a term that applies to any plant or animal that has been subject to genetic engineering through manipulation of DNA. The combinations of genes resulting from GMO experimentation would not occur naturally or be achievable through traditional crossbreeding. In general, organizations use GMO experimentation to build species capable of withstanding insecticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Despite several studies demonstrating the adverse effects of GMOs on both the environment and human health, about 80 percent of processed foods in the United States contain them.

The United States Food and Drug Administration does not yet require companies to label products if they contain GMOs, thus making it difficult for consumers to know for sure whether a food contains them. Crunchies Food Company prides itself on creating healthy, reliable snacks and never uses GMOs. The company believes that the movement against GMOs is not just a fad and remains dedicated to providing families with snack foods free from components that may cause harm to the body.

The Ideal Foods to Consume after a Difficult Workout

Gym Time pic After a particularly difficult workout, you may wish to reward yourself with an unhealthy—but satisfying—meal, like a burger and fries. However, many believe the food consumed after an intense workout is more important than any other meal of the day. When you work out, the body burns through available energy and then begins to break down glycogen stored in muscle for additional energy. A few hours after a workout, muscles begin to break down as a result. Around this time, however, the body becomes extremely responsive to absorbing protein and carbohydrates, making the food consumed during this period important for rebuilding depleted muscle tissue.

Ideally, you will consume whole-grain carbohydrates and lean proteins. A great way to get both of these pieces of nutrition is a turkey or chicken sandwich using whole-grain bread or a whole-grain wrap. Whole-grain breakfast cereals can provide extra fiber along with protein and complex carbohydrates. For a more complete snack, you can add Greek yogurt, which has twice the protein of traditional varieties. Fruits are also great for the body after a workout, because they contain enzymes that play a vital role in breaking down nutrients for proper delivery in the body. Pineapple, in particular, may help relieve inflammation in the muscles.