DAV Brings Service Claims Assistance to Veterans

Disabled American Veterans pic The charity Disabled American Veterans (DAV) significantly upped its efforts to deliver claim services to veterans in 2014 by sending mobile units carrying claim representatives to more than 800 locations, including rural areas and college campuses. “This effort to help American veterans receive the benefits and services they need following their military service is the right thing at the right time,” Jim Marszalek, DAV national service director, said in a press statement.

DAV national service officers, who are also disabled veterans, traveled to more than 800 cities and 100 colleges in 2014, where they met with veterans and their families, helped them fill out claims for benefits, and provided education and counseling about claims. DAV does not charge veterans or their families for the services, and it does not require veterans to be DAV members to receive assistance. DAV’s mobile units helped more than 20,000 veterans and family members in 2014, and the units have added even more stops to their schedule for 2015.