The Vital Role of Colorado Food Banks

Colorado pic Noted Denver business consultant Scott F. Gelbard is involved with multiple philanthropic organizations, including Men for the Cure. Scott Gelbard also supports food banks and organizations that assist disabled veterans. Millions of Americans struggle daily with hunger, and their failure to meet this basic need prevents them from contributing fully to society. Scott Gelbard donates to food banks to ensure that those who need food have it.

The vital services provided by food banks are expected to become even more important in the coming months when more than 500,000 Coloradoans lose food assistance due to the end of a temporary Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) boost. Cuts to SNAP will affect Americans around the country with a $5 billion reduction in assistance nationwide. Coloradoans will face a $55 million cut in 2014 alone. The temporary boost is scheduled to end on November 1, 2013. Many Coloradoans turn to food banks as unemployment or low-paying jobs drive them to decide between paying rent and buying food for their families.


Explore Another Side of Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver resident Scott F. Gelbard contributes to both domestic and international companies as a business consultant. An avid outdoorsman, Scott Gelbard often takes advantage of Colorado’s mountainous terrain and national preserves.

Accessed from the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park offers an array of day hikes, backcountry campgrounds, and breathtaking views. From the Wild Basin’s trailheads, which begins at approximately 8,500 feet above sea level, hikers can access more than half a dozen stunning alpine lakes surrounded by jagged granite peaks.

The creeks running through the region ice over in winter, but become roaring channels for snow melt throughout the spring and early summer. Wild Basin is also home to Copeland Falls, which sits less than half a mile from the trailhead, as well as Ouzel Falls and Calypso Cascades. In addition to its scenic allure, Wild Basin attracts visitors hoping to avoid the crowds that explore Rocky Mountain National Park from its more popular entrance near the town of Estes Park.

Working During College

by Scott Gelbard

As a member of Apis Ventures, a business consultancy and venture capital firm in Denver, Colorado, I leverage my extensive experience in finance to provide management and venture capital services to companies in a variety of sectors. I established a strong educational foundation in the field at Colorado State University, where I studied consumer science, business, and finance, but I sought to gain a practical base of knowledge as well. During my last two years of college, I worked for an investor relations firm, which gave me the hands-on experience that allowed me to start my first company when I graduated from Colorado State in 1999.

Although many students worry that working during college might interfere with their academic careers, studies have shown that college students who find employment do just as well in their studies as students without jobs. Additionally, working doesn’t always mean taking time away from academics; according to recent data, students today spend more time watching television than ever before. While the phrase “working your way through college” points to the importance of minimizing the cost of higher education, especially if students or their families have taken out significant loans, a part-time or even full-time job can also prove useful for a future career. If students pursue work opportunities in their fields of interest, as I did, they might establish important connections or build useful skills. Moreover, future employers often look favorably on prior work experience.

As with all extracurricular activities in college, balancing a job with academics requires clear priorities and solid time management skills. Some students in particularly intensive academic programs may find that they simply lack the extra time to work. For the students who do have the time, however, taking on a job during college can be an opportunity to alleviate the cost of college, gain relevant professional experience, and further explore their interests.