The Vital Element of International Expansion – Planning

Scott Gelbard, an experienced businessman and consultant, remains actively involved with the day-to-day management of several companies, including GlobalLeadGen, a successful lead generation business that specializes in creating dynamic online marketing campaigns to generate prospects for client companies in a wide range of industries. In addition to his work with these companies, Scott Gelbard provides consulting services to companies seeking to expand internationally. He collaborates with both foreign companies creating new operations in the United States and domestic companies seeking international business opportunities. When approaching an international expansion, companies must ensure that they prepare adequately for the transaction by completing requisite research and verifying that their product or service will work in a foreign market.

Before making any major steps, companies should outline clearly how they will structure their overseas operations. Creating a stable overseas branch depends on a defined corporate entity. Company executives should also look at their short-term and long-term goals for expansion to make certain they are realistic. These goals can help define a thorough plan for the new market.

In general, companies should start with a small expansion that allows them to evaluate success before jeopardizing the viability of the business as a whole. By building this initial expansion into the plan, companies provide themselves with some degree of insurance during the process.


Explore Another Side of Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver resident Scott F. Gelbard contributes to both domestic and international companies as a business consultant. An avid outdoorsman, Scott Gelbard often takes advantage of Colorado’s mountainous terrain and national preserves.

Accessed from the Peak to Peak Scenic Highway, the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park offers an array of day hikes, backcountry campgrounds, and breathtaking views. From the Wild Basin’s trailheads, which begins at approximately 8,500 feet above sea level, hikers can access more than half a dozen stunning alpine lakes surrounded by jagged granite peaks.

The creeks running through the region ice over in winter, but become roaring channels for snow melt throughout the spring and early summer. Wild Basin is also home to Copeland Falls, which sits less than half a mile from the trailhead, as well as Ouzel Falls and Calypso Cascades. In addition to its scenic allure, Wild Basin attracts visitors hoping to avoid the crowds that explore Rocky Mountain National Park from its more popular entrance near the town of Estes Park.