DAV Brings Service Claims Assistance to Veterans

Disabled American Veterans pic The charity Disabled American Veterans (DAV) significantly upped its efforts to deliver claim services to veterans in 2014 by sending mobile units carrying claim representatives to more than 800 locations, including rural areas and college campuses. “This effort to help American veterans receive the benefits and services they need following their military service is the right thing at the right time,” Jim Marszalek, DAV national service director, said in a press statement.

DAV national service officers, who are also disabled veterans, traveled to more than 800 cities and 100 colleges in 2014, where they met with veterans and their families, helped them fill out claims for benefits, and provided education and counseling about claims. DAV does not charge veterans or their families for the services, and it does not require veterans to be DAV members to receive assistance. DAV’s mobile units helped more than 20,000 veterans and family members in 2014, and the units have added even more stops to their schedule for 2015.


Disabled American Veterans National Convention Coming to Denver

Disabled American Veterans National Convention pic Denver, Colorado, will serve as the site of the 94th Disabled American Veterans (DAV) National Convention. Drawn by the area’s natural beauty and cultural highlights, representatives from DAV offices all over the United States will converge on the Mile High City in August to discuss major issues of interest to the nation’s disabled vets.

The four-day event will include a number of meetings, talks, and seminars addressing a range of topics that concern veterans. The convention also provides a forum for national leadership to report to local and state-level chapters and to conduct organizational business.

This year’s schedule has yet to be finalized. DAV National Conventions in recent years, however, have included a strong focus on supporting federal legislation and initiatives that benefit vets, especially with regard to Department of Veterans Affairs health care funding. Other past topics of interest have included employment of injured service members, women veterans’ issues, and recognition of influential members and contributors.

This year’s convention will be held August 8-11 at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver.

Scott Gelbard: A Short Overview of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans)

A well-established Denver business consultant, Scott Gelbard supports a number of community-focused organizations that provide valuable outreach and health research services. Among other groups, Scott Gelbard contributes to Men for the Cure, Food Bank of the Rockies, and Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

Established more than 90 years ago, the DAV provides essential assistance to disabled veterans in properly submitting benefits claims applications to the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. The non-profit’s approximately 250 National Service Officers (NSOs) serve as attorneys-in-fact to help veterans in a direct way. NSOs are committed to ensuring that disabled veterans receive the compensation, insurance, and health care to which they are entitled.

Another critical aspect of the DAV’s mission involves assisting disabled veterans in overcoming hiring barriers. A January 2012 poll underlined the importance of this service, as it revealed that many firms make no special efforts to recruit disabled veterans despite federal tax credit incentives. The poll did show that hiring of disabled veterans had increased by more than 10 percent from 2010. In addition, more than 95 percent of firms that hired disabled veterans commend the qualities of competency and responsibility that these individuals bring to the work environment.