The Mode of Entry for Businesses Expanding Overseas

When expanding into foreign markets, businesses must carefully consider their mode of entry. Oftentimes, finding a partner in a new market can ease the transition and mitigate some of the risks involved with international expansion. A joint venture can bring deep familiarity with the market and make the expansion more successful. At the same time, companies must carefully consider the possible partners and implications of a partnership before signing any agreement. A partnership comes with its own risks, making comprehensive due diligence for potential partners a priority.

International expansion involves a number of barriers, from language and culture to legal and regulatory obligations. Partners familiar with the market prove an invaluable tool during this process. At the same time, unethical partners can take advantage of this lack of familiarity. Companies should carefully consider the ability to navigate cultural and regulatory boundaries without assistance and weigh the other potential benefits of a partnership prior to the expansion.

If a company does decide to engage a partner, executives should carefully scrutinize the agreement to ensure proper protections prior to signing. An international business lawyer can offer further insight on how to best structure the deal.


What to Consider When Looking for a New Gym

A noted business professional and entrepreneur, Scott F. Gelbard founded prominent Denver venture capital firm Apis Ventures. He now consults for businesses in Hong Kong and Europe as well as maintains an interest in several firms in the United States. Outside of work, Scott Gelbard strives to keep active by engaging in a variety of different athletic activities, from skiing to playing soccer. In addition, he regularly works out at the gym.

When looking for a new gym, individuals should take a number of factors into consideration. Perhaps the most important of these from a practical perspective are membership cost and location. Other critical points, however, include the hours of operation and the friendliness of the staff. The gym’s members play a role too; if individuals simply want a place for aerobic exercise, a gym full of bodybuilders may not be the best choice. Cleanliness and availability of equipment should also play a part in the decision.

An often-overlooked aspect of gym quality is the number and variety of classes that the gym offers. For example, are you looking for yoga classes? Check to see if the gym offers yoga at all, if it provides different types of yoga, and whether the classes meet your scheduling needs. Examine the space and available equipment for classes just as you would for the rest of the gym. And be sure to ask about the training and experience of class instructors.

Afraid of Joining a CrossFit Gym? Consider These Tips

A talented businessman and entrepreneur, Scott F. Gelbard serves as a consultant for international businesses in Hong Kong and Europe. He also maintains involvement in the daily operations of several businesses in the United States. Among these ventures, Scott Gelbard helps to manage CrossFit Arsenal, a gym in Lone Tree, Colorado.

While CrossFit gyms have grown in popularity in recent years, some people are wary of joining because they think the workout will be too intense for them. While CrossFit gyms push people to their limits, the trainers respect those limits and never put individuals in a position to injure themselves. The coaches keep a close eye on everyone to ensure that clients get the maximum benefit from a workout without overdoing it.

Some people say that they will join a CrossFit gym once they get in better shape. Many individuals hold on to the idea that all CrossFit participants are extremely fit, but this is simply not true. One joins a gym in order to become fit, not the other way around. CrossFit members come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. Some clients may be professional athletes or serious amateur power lifters, but others are just as likely to be people who are starting out on their fitness journey and need motivation to achieve their goals. All gyms differ; find a CrossFit gym that caters to your needs and makes you feel comfortable.

The Vital Element of International Expansion – Planning

Scott Gelbard, an experienced businessman and consultant, remains actively involved with the day-to-day management of several companies, including GlobalLeadGen, a successful lead generation business that specializes in creating dynamic online marketing campaigns to generate prospects for client companies in a wide range of industries. In addition to his work with these companies, Scott Gelbard provides consulting services to companies seeking to expand internationally. He collaborates with both foreign companies creating new operations in the United States and domestic companies seeking international business opportunities. When approaching an international expansion, companies must ensure that they prepare adequately for the transaction by completing requisite research and verifying that their product or service will work in a foreign market.

Before making any major steps, companies should outline clearly how they will structure their overseas operations. Creating a stable overseas branch depends on a defined corporate entity. Company executives should also look at their short-term and long-term goals for expansion to make certain they are realistic. These goals can help define a thorough plan for the new market.

In general, companies should start with a small expansion that allows them to evaluate success before jeopardizing the viability of the business as a whole. By building this initial expansion into the plan, companies provide themselves with some degree of insurance during the process.

Scott Gelbard and MusclePharm Apparel

Since entering business in 1999, consultant Scott Gelbard has helped a variety of companies build deals and move their businesses forward. One such company is MusclePharm Apparel, where Scott Gelbard current holds the position of principal.

Founded by professional football player Bradley Pyatt, MusclePharm focuses on meeting the needs of athletes and the athletic lifestyle. On the apparel side of the business, this mission takes more than one form. To serve traveling athletes and those who participate in equipment-heavy sports, the company makes a useful duffel bag. Additionally, MusclePharm’s Performance Rashguard shirt uses high-tech fabric to help keep an athlete’s body dry and at an optimal temperature while he or she works out. And for athletes who train outside after the weather gets cold, MusclePharm makes a flagship beanie to keep heads warm.

In addition to its performance-enhancing items, MusclePharm offers a variety of lifestyle clothing. Its flat-brim and Flexfit hats let athletes display their brand pride, as do its “Get Swole Live Swole” and “Weak Ends Here” t-shirts. To view the full line of MusclePharm Apparel products, visit the company online at