The Vital Role of Colorado Food Banks

Colorado pic Noted Denver business consultant Scott F. Gelbard is involved with multiple philanthropic organizations, including Men for the Cure. Scott Gelbard also supports food banks and organizations that assist disabled veterans. Millions of Americans struggle daily with hunger, and their failure to meet this basic need prevents them from contributing fully to society. Scott Gelbard donates to food banks to ensure that those who need food have it.

The vital services provided by food banks are expected to become even more important in the coming months when more than 500,000 Coloradoans lose food assistance due to the end of a temporary Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) boost. Cuts to SNAP will affect Americans around the country with a $5 billion reduction in assistance nationwide. Coloradoans will face a $55 million cut in 2014 alone. The temporary boost is scheduled to end on November 1, 2013. Many Coloradoans turn to food banks as unemployment or low-paying jobs drive them to decide between paying rent and buying food for their families.